Friday, August 30, 2013

Ordinary eating

Chanced upon this recently: about eating like a normal person. Quite enjoyed it.

Here is a list of all the things I have eaten in the last 24 hours. Just so you don't mistake this for a 'healthy living blog'. I had to think really hard to remember this for you. Appreciate it.

- Plate of beans and rice with a dollop of sour cream
- Slice of homemade cheesecake
- Two eggs over easy
- Three handfuls of almonds
- Cup of iced coffee
Elevenses while working in a cafe:
- Flaky croissant
- Cup of hot coffee
Office lunch:
- Mee siam, two chicken wings, vegetable curry, two fishcakes
- About a jug of water
- A sardine puff and three chicken nuggets

This may or may not be an average day. (Okay, on an average day I have toast or cereal for breakfast and don't run out of both at the same time, and my impression of an average day seems to involve considerably more fruit and veg, and during marathon training, more of everything.)

Of course I don't normally do this ('this' being: write down everything I eat) because food doesn't really stress me out. That's why my impression of an average day is just that - an impression.

I'm not really fussed about it though. I think what I eat has a way of balancing itself out in general so that overall, it's fairly healthy. need to judge myself for it.

Most importantly, I enjoyed every bite.


  1. *The idea for this post was initially hatched during intensive (ha!) discussion with Holly in Perth, WA (Aug. 2013), over ... pizza? Hot chocolate so thick we almost had to chew it? Coffee? Pho? Churros?

    Or (for all you "healthy" eating bloggers out there): Buckwheat Os & chia pudding!!!!


    1. Oh! Can I just say, for the record, that chia pudding is delicious? (It's a texture thing.) Even better with almonds and almond milk. Just had it for the first time in Perth. Om nom nom.

      Holly - I think we lucked out with most of our Perth meals. The pizza! Those churros!

  2. I run so I can eat more - and not necessarily the healthy stuff. But I figure if I run and include enough of the healthy stuff then it's all good. Right?

    1. Oh, totally. I wouldn't worry about it. Unless you overdose on cupcakes? :)

  3. I... eat so much more than this in a day. That's not me trying to tell you that you don't eat enough, but more "so that's why I've gained 5+ pounds since my marathon!!" really sinking in. Whoops.