About me

Hello world,

I'm the Genetically Challenged Athlete, aka G.C.

Growing up in Singapore, I was never an athletic or sporty kid. I did ballet for 12 years and when I wasn't at the barre I had my nose in a book. I spent most PE lessons running away from the ball, after getting beaned in the head too many times and spraining my fingers more times than I have fingers. (Oh, the tyranny of PE lessons to the genetically challenged!) I am hopeless at any sport involving a racquet, ball, bat, stick, etc. I thought I was a lifelong bookworm with not a single shred of athletic talent.

But somewhere along the way I discovered that I liked to run. (Maybe it was all that running away from the ball that did it.)

However I am VERY genetically challenged - short legs, not much muscle, not much speed, not much endurance either. I have never won a race in my entire life, nor placed, nor age-group placed, nor...you get the idea. If I raced against two other women in the 30-39 age group I would probably come in fourth.

These days I also do triathlons. That's THREE sports to be genetically challenged in.


  1. Hey there Grace. So glad to have been connected to your blog. Your about me is hilarious and it's so cool you do triathlons! Awesome and keep it up looking forward to reading more about your genetically challenged adventures :D

  2. Hi Lerie, thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear more about your adventures too!

  3. I've only just realised that you chose Genetically Challenge because GC matches your initials. O_O AMAZEBALLS!

  4. "If I raced against two other women in the 20-29 age group I would probably come in fourth." -- HAHAHA I love this. I'm glad running is such a forgiving sport!

  5. Dear Grace, do you have an email so I can get in touch with you?