Saturday, July 11, 2015

Back in the saddle

Look at that pace. (That translates to a 10:32 mile pace. Not much, but the average in all my previous runs in 2015 has started with an 11.)

And then by Jen's request - lookit this face.


  1. YAY!!! Thanks for indulging my request. :)

    Also: great job on getting faster! (and for doing the km to mile pace conversion for us U.S. readers...)

  2. The cuteness!!! Also, love your Garmin -- very pretty. I think I was hanging around the 10:30-range for quite a while until I started working out more regularly. You're doing great!!

    1. I feel like I'll be stuck in the 10:00-10:45 range for a while, unless my Monday 'speedwork' works miracles. Right now I run thrice a week - a track group workout, a medium tempo run, and a longer weekend run. It's all by feel; the Garmin is there to help me relearn to associate various paces with various degrees of breathlessness.

  3. That boy of yours is thriving. He's such a cutey!

  4. Thanks guys! I will relay your compliments to him. But not too much, he'll get a big head.
    He isn't always this serious, but the smiles distract me too much for me to take photos...