Friday, August 5, 2016

Summer adventures 2016

There are few things that hold more promise than the summer weekend. The weather is excellent, the days are long, there's so much to do and see...

But it's way too easy (if boring, and tedious) to just stick to the weekend routine - pancakes for breakfast, newspapers, run a little bit with the little squirt, hang out at home and watch him play, read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to him for the nth time, figure out what to have for lunch, throw up our hands and get burritos, et.c et.c.

This year we thought we ought to, you know, actually plan some adventures. Fun-size ones. 

And adventure we did. 

We went to the children's farm.

And hiking in Colorado.

 Followed by a gondola ride.

We picked (and, ahem, ate) strawberries.

We cycled around Martha's Vineyard.

And ran to the local splash pad. 

Did some more hiking in New Hampshire. 

And went to the county fair. County fairs have the best food. (Not pictured: the TWO frozen lemonades I had.) 

Kid, meet kid.
We visited friends in Maine and went to the beach. (Twice! Never before have I been to a lake beach and an ocean beach in the same weekend. What a concept.) 

This view! I mean. 

Really, what I'm finding is a toddler does limit one's travels and activities in some ways (I can't remember the last time I went to watch a play, and forget about going to Patagonia or Kathmandu for the next decade), but in many other ways is a GREAT excuse to get out and go places. How often are you a tourist in your own region?  

The house is a mess, I haven't run as much as I wanted to, work has been loony, and people who ask me if I've tried Pokemon Go get a blank stare in response, but I'm pretty content with how summer has gone so far.

P.S. Yes, I signed up for the Cambridge Half Marathon. Bring it on. 


  1. Sounds like fun to me!

    Also, yay half marathon!!

  2. Yay for adventures! I totally agree that it's way to easy to succumb to the same old weekend routines instead of planning something fun.

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