Thursday, September 29, 2016

A very special announcement

Dear all three readers of my blog, 

I'm interrupting your Game of Thrones marathon, bike trainer session, or compulsive election-news-perusing to bring you a rather exciting announcement: I'm now officially a contributor over at Salty Running

Here is a #seenonmyrun photo thrown in to make this announcement look pretty on social media.
I actually predate Facebook but have learned a thing or two.

Salty Running has a special place in my heart. It's a really, really comprehensive site about women's running, started to fill a gap: the lack of gender-specific information for women who are serious about running and looking to improve. Its community embraces everyone from people with only a year or two of running experience, to others chasing an Olympic Trials qualifying time. And boy, do we all have a lot to learn from each other. (Let no one tell you running is not a broad church.) It has been a cheerleader for women's competitive running in all its forms, from chronicling the Olympic Trials to this terrific series about a high school cross-country team. 

We also laugh at ourselves. A lot

Here's how to get the most out of Salty Running: 
1. Subscribe for regular updates, whether it's by email or feed reader.
2. If you're looking for something specific, check the index and the tags, or search the site. 
3. And finally, talk to us! You can comment (or even have a lengthy conversation) on the posts, chat in the Facebook group, contact us individually, or submit a reader question. The best part of the internet running community is the community; when I've put myself out there and reached out to strangers I've made all sorts of great friends and found new sources of motivation and support for my running*.

* Fellow runners will also listen to you moan about plantar fasciitis, talk about poop, completely understand how you can dread your tempo run so much but feel so damn good afterwards, and also virtually kick your butt out the door to do said tempo run. 


  1. Woo! We're so happy to have you. :) It's "Bergamot!" Don't worry, I have approximately 37254 blogs, and this is just one of them. ;)

  2. That's exciting! I occasionally read salty running, so now I will have to add it as a regular read.

  3. Woah, I've just seen this! I love Salty Running!! What's your spice name? Congratulations?

  4. That sounds awesome! Will hop over!