Sunday, July 29, 2018

An extremely boring third trimester 'training log'

I'm still here! In case anyone was curious how the last few weeks of pregnancy were playing is a very boring 'training log'. Boring because I have nothing to prove to anyone, running isn't fun for me any more, and I like my pelvic floor too much. Definitely not one of those outliers who runs till the day she gives birth...

I quit running altogether around week 33 (it's hot, I'm unwieldy and uncomfortable, what's the point?), but still walk around to get all my errands done, run after kiddo, do my PT exercises, and swim whenever I can. I used to literally run my errands, but am too uncomfortable to do that any more. So I dusted off the Fitbit and now try to get in my 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day between commuting, errands, and chasing the preschooler around. (On the first day I got it back out, kiddo pinched my Fitbit so we put it on him just for fun. After a few minutes of marching around the room and scrutinising it to watch the step count go up, he forgot it was there. Between the hours of 5pm and bedtime he racked up 2,500 steps!!!)

Dawn patrol. Lots of walks along the river.

6/11 to 6/17
Week 31-32 of pregnancy
Monday - Walk, strength workout
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - Walk, strength workout 
Thursday - Walk to PT, and PT
Friday - PT exercises
Saturday - Watching kiddo's last dance class of the term with my mother-in-law. I'm exhausted just watching him bounce around, does that count?
Sunday - Went strawberry picking, then came home, jogged roughly a mile to the splash pad with kiddo, met up with friends for a picnic lunch, and then shuffling a mile back.

6/18 to 6/24
Weeks 32-33
Monday - pool running, 30 minutes
Tuesday - walk (took kiddo to swim class. Solo parenting evening = on my feet from 5pm to 9pm when he finally goes down. Did I mention I wish he'd drop his nap.)
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - Did my PT exercises and called it good.
Friday - Walked (lots of errands)
Saturday - PT and kid-chasing
Sunday - nothing

6/25 to 7/1
What? It's July??
Weeks 33-34
Monday - walked parts of my commute
Tuesday - kid swim class and solo parenting till bedtime counts as a workout, surely
Wednesday - nil
Thursday - walked, errands
Friday - ?
Saturday - longish walk
Sunday - ?

7/2 to 7/8
Weeks 34-35
Monday - PT
Tuesday - walk
Wednesday - off. Went to the beach for the 4th of July!
Thursday - walk
Friday - swim!
Saturday - kiddo woke up early so we walked to get coffee and then hit up a neighborhood playground; later we enjoyed some outdoor time at his friend's birthday party
Sunday - off

7/9 to 7/15
Weeks 35-36
Monday - PT and swim
Tuesday - walk
Wednesday - off
Thursday - PT and walk
Friday - walk
Saturday - long walk
Sunday - off

7/16 to 7/22
Weeks 36-37
Monday - PT and Aaptiv maternity workout
Tuesday - walk, errands
Wednesday - Walk. Went to the track to say hi to everyone at Community Running, then proceeded to walk laps while telling people 'I'm doing these sprints all out - what do you mean you can't tell?' :p
Thursday - walk (commute, OB visit, daycare pickup)
Friday - ...nothing?
Saturday - off
Sunday - off. Rainy day. Movies and pyjamas.

Currently reading/ read:
Still reading - Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow
Still reading - James Hamblin, If Our Bodies Could Talk (which is strangely silent on women's bodies so far?...)
Amor Towles, A Gentleman in Moscow (I found this delightful)
Michael Lewis, The Undoing Project (on the birth of behavioral economics)
Elena Ferrante, My Brilliant Friend (now I need to track down all the other books in the series in my library system)
Naomi Alderman, The Power (excellent)
Dennis Lehane, Since We Fell (I didn't like this quite as much as other Lehane books)
plus a bunch of random assorted stuff - mysteries, YA sf/fantasy, etc.  


  1. So amazing! I was hugely inactive toward the end, pretty much just walking for exercise. Not much different than now, haha! But I did pick up my Kindle again, so there's that!

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