Saturday, February 2, 2013

What, me swim?


Just had to share.

We live in a 700 sq ft, 2-bedroom flat so we don't even have a garage. Or a laundry room. Or a pantry. Crazy people from other countries and their crazy spacious houses... But yeah, what's the point of folding running clothes when they're just going to get used again really soon? Also, my swim cap and goggles are drip-drying from the window, and socks aren't really dirty until I've run in them... no?

I actually DIDN'T run today (what???). Instead I swam 2km at the local pool. I'm organising a Trash Run* tomorrow morning, though.

Here's what my week in workouts looks like:
Monday - rest day
Tuesday - track night!
Wednesday - short recovery run or swim, strength train
Thursday - hills; last year while training for a marathon I'd run 10km in the morning and hills at night
Friday - rest or strength
Saturday or Sunday - long run and some other activity - if I sit around too long, I get antsy.

*Edit - Trash Runs are some combination of fun/ community service/ core and back workout - see my previous post for a description. Tomorrow's is going to be mayyybe 5 or 6km - but you'd be surprised how much of a workout you get bending down and picking things up. It's really sad, but you'd be less surprised how much trash there is at the local park...especially around the McDonald's...


  1. L to R, Top to Bottom:

    Yes. No garage, but we each have a dedicated sneaker rack outside our door. Too much of a neat freak. If only we knew what box they'd been packed in... OH YES. Sliding doors = negative on that one, but we're exploring other options, before stinky sweaty clothes take over the entire apartment. Gu is gross, but we have ~100 packs of sports beans & honey stingers...

  2. Holly! If you read this in time - we are doing a Trash Run ( tomorrow - starting at Bishan MRT, 7.30am, and heading to Bishan Park. I'll be in the blinding orange and lime green...

  3. Dang. Saw this about 8 AM...legs are toast after yesterday's trail adventures anyway - but I'll have my eye out for future plans. I LOVE a good multi-tasking event. :)