Thursday, April 4, 2013

Going long (short post)

This appears to be my favourite time of day to post: in the evening, sitting in an exhausted heap on the couch, wearing a bathrobe after a shower, and waiting for the laundry (endless laundry!) to be done.

After going through a year and a half of training logs I've noticed that all my race PRs regardless of race distance show up either while I'm training for a marathon, or shortly after. I guess increasing mileage a little (or a lot - going from 35km a week to 45 or 50 or more) makes a big difference! It's time to bring my long weekend runs back.

Super excited for next week - I'll be taking some time out to go to Hong Kong with the husband and wander around on the trails! Expect pictures. What should we eat while we're there?

Workouts this week:
Sunday - 10k training run, 1:01
Tuesday - warmups, 6x100 strides, 5k time trial (ouch) (27:45)
Thursday - 6km tempo in the morning, 6x hills in the evening. I seem to have displeased my metabolism and must offer it food sacrifices. 


  1. Yay for pictures!! I can't wait :D

  2. Not to be weird, but HOW do you fathom wearing a bathrobe in Singapore? I can just about manage a pair of workout shorts and a tank top, and that's only so I'm decent if the postman knocks on the door (or because our living and dining rooms are a wall of windows).

    Not to get all coachy on you, but studies have shown that performance gains continue linearly as athletes increase weekly mileage, all the way up to something like 70-80 mile weeks. In other words, running more helps you run faster (even if those miles aren't fast miles), period. Not to say that all athletes can tolerate - or fit - or want to run - 70-80 miles weeks, but this supports what you say. [Although this sounds contradictory to what I said on a previous post, I still don't think they should train for 5K or 10K PRs while marathon training - sometimes those HAPPEN, but don't think that time is best spent training for them.]

    Hope your body has been appreciating the sacrifices. :) Any enjoy HK next week!

    1. It's odd, but I do get cold easily (and then sweat buckets while running. My body has lousy temperature management).

      I can't seem to train specifically for 5K or 10K PRs - they just HAPPEN when I'm in marathon training mode. 50+km a week seems to be about right for me, even though I'm nowhere near that right now. (I don't know how people do 70 mile weeks. Doubles? I'm super slow so probably running at half their speed...)