Monday, June 30, 2014

Holy taper, Batman

Where am I? What is this? What day is it? Oh hey there. It's Pre-Marathon Monday and I'm packing for this long-awaited vacation...

Last week was a bit of a blur. I did my usual week of night shift, but was also chasing a couple of pretty intense stories so most of those days turned out to involve roughly 12-14 hours of work - a couple of hours before my shift, and then the regular shift from 2 to 11pm.

Consequently, I. Was. Wiped.

Monday got off to a decent start: 6.5km + yoga.

Tuesday morning's track session also involved a tropical monsoon storm. I think the rain was coming down sideways. I hope Coach Shem brought a firehose to the evening track session to properly simulate a monsoon for them. Got to give everyone the same set, right?
Fortunately or unfortunately it was the exact same set as last week (if he does it a third time this week I'm going to scream. Unless it's hard 400s, then just kill me now.) - 6.5km?

Followed by some strength exercises.

Why yes, we all phone each other Monday night and coordinate our outfits, and then line up according to the rainbow...doesn't your team?

Wednesday and Thursday, I continued to be wiped out. On the Hansons plan, Wednesdays are usually a strategically-planned rest day in which you get to spend all day dreading Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I was dreading Thursday's planned 16km tempo so much that I physically couldn't get out of bed on Thursday morning and so the tempo run did not happen.

Friday morning I was still exhausted: 5km.

Saturday and Sunday we were in Penang for my high school friend's lovely wedding, so I ran a quick tempo 5km on Saturday morning before we headed to the airport.

Souvenir. Married people love other people's weddings, they remind us how fun ours were. 
Sunday was spent sleeping in and eating. And eating. And then eating some more. Total for the week: 23km and yoga.

Above: my better half with the best assam laksa known to man (pictures of the laksa itself would have been pointless. It looks like something that came out of a drain, but it tastes like heaven. Southeast Asian food tends to under-promise in looks but over-deliver.)


  1. Enjoy the taper! And the pre-marathon week! Can't wait to see how it goes!

    1. I want to see how it goes, too! This time round I've been a lot more focused on the process rather than the outcome (last time round it was all about the sub-5 or die, which is perhaps not such a sensible way to approach a marathon).

  2. It's getting so close now. I picked up my race bib this morning. Four days to go for me. Five days for you!

    1. I'll be there to cheer! Good luck! The usual colony of pre-race winged creatures has already taken up residence in my stomach - and they're big ones

    2. I'll be there, too! As long as we can find you, we'll be making a big messy raucous cheer squad. And lovin' every minute of it! :)

  3. What? I can't believe your race is already almost happening! Where did the time go?? Good luck!

  4. Yay!

    And I'm totally with ya on the food. Tao huey? Looks gross. Baos? Totally unassuming and boring. Curries? Mush. The love of my life (palak paneer)? Green puke. Thankfully, their deliciousness redeems them all!

  5. Good luck good luck good luck!!!