Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bad blogger day

I read Holly's post about bad bloggers some time back and was inspired to write this post.

This plate held my post-run toast with a smear of avocado.
Never mind that there's no proof that I really ate toast with a smear of avocado.
Or that I really ran.

The banana peel has disappeared somewhere into this waste bin.
I really did eat a banana.
But the peel is underneath the chip bag, the milk carton, and the Tim Tam packet. Sorry. 
I'd even have a Luna Bar wrapper for you (from earlier this week at work) but I threw it away, so here is a picture of homemade doughnuts instead (again, just in case anyone mistook this for one of those healthy living blogs).
The friend I fed these to for brunch called them 'zaftig'.
Are you calling my doughnuts fat, I said. 
Worse, I'm going to now proceed to write about things that I have no photos of

On Sunday (that's today) I woke up and decided on a whim to run to East Coast Park. 

That's 17km and took me two hours. (Half-marathon training: I know how far I'm supposed to run, but I often don't plan where to run until I'm actually out the door.) It went a whole lot better than that other 18km I did the other week.  

There would be lots and lots of lovely pictures of the river (and the canal, a little farther upstream, that is being dredged at the same time construction is going on - in other words, it was a huge mess and a road-crossing, fence-jumping nightmare but I can't wait till it actually looks nice again); except for one fatal flaw: if I stop running, I have a hard time getting started again. 

There would also be lots of lovely pictures of East Coast Park per se but the sun was in my eyes. Yes, I did bring my phone. No, I'm just too lazy to take it out of the pocket on my handheld. 

Sadly I was once again seduced by the pockets on my Mizuno short tights, which of course got soggy and chafed my thighs (there was much yelping when I discovered this in the shower) (thigh gap, what is that?). No, I'm not going to show you a photo of that.   

On Saturday I ran 10km up and down the usual canal path. There's a little bit of excavation work going on at one end, and seeing this fellow here always makes me smile: 
Zebra excavator!
I know I said there weren't going to be any pictures. Bazinga. 

This week's runs have been a little...end-loaded.
Tuesday: AM 7km, PM still restless so 5km (it was a public holiday)
Thursday: AM 8km, PM office bonding exercise (literally) - ran 5km with colleagues; did I mention we're training for the Stanchart ekiden relay?
Saturday: 10km
Sunday: 17km
I had the best of intentions to run on Monday morning and swim on Friday. I really did. No go. 


  1. 1. I love that you added a 'zebra excavator' category. I want to know how many hits you get as a result. And if you ever find any others to add to the collection. PS Thank you for introducing us!

    2. When are you bringing donuts over for a game of Settlers? (You & Jimmy can play too, I guess...)

    3. I am enjoying the tongue in cheek post...especially the empty plate.

    1. Hehe. I don't know if anyone will ever search for 'zebra excavator', but I'll let you know. I keep an eye out for interesting machinery (remember the time I was half awake and thought a large yellow crane was a giraffe?). As for the Settlers, I don't know...just want to survive this week :P

    2. OMG how are there even zebra excavators in Singapore? Which company does this?! See, now I have to go and google zebra excavator so you'll get at least one hit.

      And which office colleagues are running? I'm intrigued...

    3. Haha! I don't know which company does this. So far I've seen only one zebra excavator - he must be lonely.

      Office colleagues: my relay team is Francis, Matt P, myself, Royston, Dawn, and Zengkun; there's another team that Jermyn is assembling; a Poldesk team (Robin, Rachel, Leonard, Lydia, a couple others) and a team of rookies - it's going to be super competitive!

  2. Thigh chafing is my nemesis too. And that shower afterwards - exquisite pain!

  3. You posted the only pics that mattered, I mean homemade donuts and a zebra excavator....those are both awesome! who really wants to see toast with avocado? Now that's just boring :)

    Chafing is the one wants to see that lol.

    1. Haha! Thanks. Please keep your eyes peeled for giraffe farm equipment. I'd love to know my little zebra excavator has a cousin out West ;)