Friday, October 4, 2013

Triathlon spectating

And here's what I did with the rest of my weekend. I train with a tri group. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

They couldn't get on their bikes because they were...two tired. (C and A, after the tri) 

L on her second of 2 5km run laps, OD tri 

G killin' it. Would you believe she has done - this year alone - her first marathon, her first OD tri, and will be doing her first 70.3 in November?? Crazy lady.

I., on what I think is her third OD tri of the year. Just thinking about that is exhausting.

E on the run. Shirlene and I screamed our little hearts out. 


  1. Hang around with inspiring people like those and you'll be filling out entry forms to events you would never have dreamed about entering before. I'm constantly amazed and inspired by people in my running group too - the 63 year old who did his first marathon despite having chronic achilles issues, a runner with MS, another runner who decided to run for 24 hrs around a track to fund-raise for a little girl with leukamia. Athletes are such awesome people.

    1. Your running group sounds amazing. I don't think my future is in ultra-long-distance events - I'm just too slow to put in all of those training hours - but that is indeed inspiring!