Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some recent workouts

Saturday. Enduro 'triathlon', a comedy of errors - could not find bike pump, roads too wet to ride. Spent half hour searching for my goggles in my burgeoning 'sports gear' drawer (have not swum a stroke since May). Swam, then ran the run leg twice in lieu of the bike leg, then ran the run leg twice with everyone else. Or more accurately behind everyone else. Swim 750m. Run ~8km.

Sunday. Walk/ jog with my friend Daphne - the goal was good company and a little fresh air.

Tuesday track. 4-minute 800m repeats ("that's aspirational...") followed by 400m recovery at half the pace.

Thursday. 1.3km swim. Did not sink. Success. I am now ready for the weeks of eating ahead...

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