Friday, December 14, 2012

The loneliest pace

Today's workout. Friday morning. 5km, canal route, 29:55 ('recovery run that turned into a tempo at the end'). forgot to stretch when i got home. 

Maybe it's the good folks I train with, maybe it's just me, but it's been incredibly lonely training for the marathon this year, especially doing long runs and tempo runs at my pace. There aren't a whole lot of serious women runners. I'm usually somewhere between the middle of the pack and the really fast women, somewhere in the front 10-30% depending on the race. (And still in the last pace group at training - a pace group that is shrinking steadily. We are all getting faster by dint of hard work, but everyone else is getting faster faster while I am basically running in place.)

So what am I doing about it? Talking my friends into running with me!!

From a Facebook chat with a friend...

i love getting friends into running cos it means i have more people to run with
and then if i get them addicted to the point where they run at my pace... cowabunga.

My friend Daphne Maia is trying to slim down and get fit. Over on her blog she's chronicling her weight-loss journey, sponsored by a supplement maker called GLOW Raspberry, who are also sponsoring meetings with a nutritionist and fitness training sessions. (I hate to tell you this hon, but of course this going to work! I bet no supplement maker ever does a controlled experiment where they give a control group the supplement without the nutrition and training advice - "here, go do what you normally do and eat what you normally eat and take this pill, chronicle the pill-taking on your blog, and let's see if you lose weight") <-- please excuse my inner statistics curmudgeon. My grand-uncle was a government statistician, it runs in the family.

While she chronicles her diet/ fitness adventure, I decided we should have actual adventures - so on Sunday we're jogging around Marina Bay! I am throwing pace out the window and just going to enjoy the sunlight and the giant garden we're running through...

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  1. *Gives a little cheer for your inner statistics curmudgeon*

    I have precisely the same complaint about such claims. Oy.